© Ambassade de l’Equateur - Audrey Delsuc



Translated from French




Q: “Personas” is a learning and reaffirmation project in the sense of artistic techniques… beyond that, what have you discovered while creating these images?


A: Behind each of my paintings there is a human story, and when there’s none, as it is in my most abstract works, I like to bind with this idea. I have learned to look through the eyes of someone else and, for a moment, put myself in their place. I have also learned to experiment supported by different techniques, not to be afraid of using and mixing materials and especially, to be confident in what I do.



Q: Your paintings focalized in feminism, maternity, but also in diversity: we recognize modern Occident but also ancestral people…


A: It is true that most of my paintings refer to women and children, maybe because it is the most disadvantaged group. What I think really inspires me is often the relationship between a mother and her child. As Marguerite Duras said, I think there’s no more unconditional love than that of a mother for her child, and that’s because I have always been very thankful for everything my parents have done for my brother and I.

What I try to reflect in my artwork is a different beauty, without one and defined pattern. I believe diversity is the essence of beauty and I agree that there’s more than one truth, above all in art.

I am convinced, even if we give different names to different ages that we live in, that in certain aspects they are all similar. There’s no doubt about the fact that for understanding the present and future, we must be interested in the past.