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Johanna Obando was born in Ibarra, Ecuador, in 1989. As an autodidact artist, the exploration and deeper searches appear infinite to her. At the age of twelve she moved with her family to Madrid. Since the beginning, she has shown a great interest in painting and drawing.  Even though her first choice was not to follow art studies, she continued to go to open ateliers in Madrid’s Fine Arts Circle. It was at seventeen that she was awarded the second prize in the University exhibition. This gave her the courage to continue to pursue painting.


After finishing her studies she decided to move to Paris, motivated by the admiration of the city’s relation with art history. Although it wasn't smooth at the beginning, Obando decided to stay in France rather than to go back to a Spain in crisis or even the Ecuador she left as a child.


In 2014 she presented her work in two Parisian galleries and in November a personal exhibition was held in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Paris as part of the cultural program “Evidencias”.


Obando is now living in London.

Once someone asked me about the relation between my paintings. I said each one is a whole world, as each person represented is, that I can go from one style to another according to what I look for at the time.

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