© Ambassade de l’Equateur - Audrey Delsuc

Photo © Ambassade de l’Equateur - Audrey Delsuc


Point of view

Carlos Játiva



Translated from French



I am glad to inaugurate today, at Ecuador’s Embassy, this exhibition of the work of Johanna Obando, a Young artist who presents the result of her long date work.

As an autodidact artist, her creative impetus and her tenacity are the engines that encourage her through the artistic path and the choices she made at a young age. Her path has been shaped from the experimentation of mixed media that she has gathered to accomplish unique pieces that are presented to us as stories of many lives.

The diversity of the emplacements where she has evolved has deeply marked her creation. She left Ecuador and her home town at the age of twelve to relocate in Madrid. As time went by, her attraction to art kept on growing and led her to Paris, another artistic capital city where she stayed for some years before continuing her way in London where she lives now.

It is with a voluntary and firm trace that she builds the shape of a reality from which she wants to make a point and it’s presented to us in a precise way in those images that result indubitably from the interaction of the artist and the model.

Without forgetting her Ecuadorian roots, the beauty of each of the personages of Johanna’s paintings remind us that a unique aesthetic pattern doesn't exist and that the richness of humanity resides in its diversity, here represented by this Andean woman, there by a Tibetan child, or even more by the enthusiasm from this contemporary dancer.

I invite you to visit this prodigious universe and I leave you to be transported by this artist’s sensibility towards the “Other”, whose expression is magnified by the generous brush of Johanna who guides us towards the discovery of her specificity and humanity.


Carlos Játiva